The Rock Point Family Supplies 75 Duffel Bags to Lorain County Child Services

It surely is a traumatic time when Child Protective Services has to move a child from their home to foster care.  Typically the child is given a few minutes and a garbage bag to collect their precious belongings. :(




The Rock Point family chipped in to purchase 75 sturdy duffel bags, decorate them with encouraging graphics, and stuffed them with a teddy bear, personal care essentials, and a few things to take their mind off of the transition.

Our hope and prayer is that these duffel bags might make things just a little better for 75 children during this Christmas Season as they transition to foster care! :)


Westlake Fall Festival 2016!

We set up our popcorn and cotton candy machines at the Westlake Fall Festival 2016!  We served up over 800 bags of cotton candy, good cheer and smiles for everyone!